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Medisen Limited is a medical solution and device design company which are spun-off from the Medical Design Department of Sengital Limited. Our base is in Hong Kong and our core team is experienced in developing medical devices with FDA and MDD approval as well as providing manufacturing support service for production, documentation and management of projects.


The main focus of Medisen Limited includes telemedicine and wireless communication system equipped with advanced technology like ZigBee, Bluetooth and GSM. We have developed several products such as Medical Gateway, Patient Monitoring System and handheld medical devices for our customers based on this technology. With this strong technological background, Medisen has a very solid experience on hand to take further steps on Tele-healthcare system in near future.

Our Technology

We are using and applying different kinds of technology into medical industry to make a complete solutions to all customers and users. We are a strong solution design house with experience technology background providing high quality and cost effective solution.

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