Mr. JOE WONG received his B. Eng. from the Department of Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2004. During the study in CUHK, Mr. Wong won several Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) competitions: the Second Prize of IEEE Hong Kong Section 2003 Undergraduate Student Paper Contest, the Third Prize of IEEE Region 10 Student Paper Contest 2004 (Undergraduate Section) and The Second Prize of the IEEE Best Final Year Project Competition 2004 (Hong Kong). Besides, Mr. Wong also got two papers published on World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation and Int. Conf. on Application and Development of Computer Games respectively in 2004.

Mr. Wong is active in technology and Engineering related field in Hong Kong. He currently is a committee member of Technology Incubation Network, which helps serve by providing a network for knowledge, experience and ideas. He is also a committee member of CUHK Engineering Faculty Alumni Association, being eligible for all graduates of Engineering Faculty, CUHK for membership. On the other hand, he is a member of Business and Industrial Club of the City University of Hong Kong, serving to develop a close relationship with the business and industrial sectors, also helps members to improve and upgrade their technological and management expertise.

Mr. Wong currently is the CEO in Medisen Limited. He started his career in Sengital Limited since 2004. He joined and played a key role in the Sengital when it has first started up. He was Chief Operating Officer (COO) from 2009 to Aug, 2013. In 2007, Mr. Wong has obtained an US provisional patent for the Conversion of two acceleration vectors to angular velocity for game controller applications with Dr. Hiu Fung Lam, the CEO of Sengital Limited. Mr. Wong leads the team for different R&D projects and manages the company operation for long.




Mr. PETER LEE is the R&D Manager in Medisen Limited. He has been working in electronic industry for 8 years. He is familiar with wireless and sensing technologies. In his last position as R&D Manager in Sengital Limited, he successfully led the team for the development of various projects which include medical products and also consumer products development.

In medical area, he involved in the development of a ZigBee wireless network for monitoring patients’ status in hospital. He worked with other development teams and conducts the integrations in United States, India and China for the medical project. He also worked on the documentation for certifications and FDA submission. In consumer area, he developed several products based on sensor and wireless technology. With his experience in both medical and consumer area, he is able to lead the medical products development in an efficient and reliable way.

Besides the development, he also involved in production and manufacturing. He worked with China factories closely for the whole manufacturing process. This enables reliable products development from design to manufacturing.



Our Technology

We are using and applying different kinds of technology into medical industry to make a complete solutions to all customers and users. We are a strong solution design house with experience technology background providing high quality and cost effective solution.

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