Sensor Application




Medisen Team is good in sensor application. We have been applying sensing technologies in various projects such as patient monitoring, sprain detection, feet pressure measurement, posture position detection, sports science application, rehabilitation, healthcare monitors. The algorithms and formulas will be designed and implemented based on the characteristics of different sensors in order to optimize the sensors in different specific application.

Wireless Technology


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Nowadays, there are many different wireless technologies in the market. Different wireless technologies will be used in different application. High data rate and high power consumption wireless technology may be used in wall mount device for long range data transmission. Low power consumption with low data rate may be suitable in small data size and short range data transmission. Medisen Team is familiar with wireless technologies such as 2.4GHz Wireless, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, WI-Fi, Implant Wireless, RFID, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Our team applied these technologies in different kinds of projects.

Remote Sensing and IT & Server System

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As GSM, 3G or even 4G technologies are becoming more and more mature, it is a right time to merge sensing technologies with server system to develop completed and user-friendly devices. We have involved in various kinds of remote sensing projects such as Sensor Network, In-Hospital Patient Monitoring, Tele-Healthcare System, etc by adopting those technologies.

Our Technology

We are using and applying different kinds of technology into medical industry to make a complete solutions to all customers and users. We are a strong solution design house with experience technology background providing high quality and cost effective solution.




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